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Everestmart Pvt. Ltd. is established under the Company Act 2063 of the government of Nepal with the objective of international trading of quality handicrafts.Everest Mart Pvt. Ltd. is the Nepalese premier one stop online shopping center which supplies wholesale wide range of export quality products, mostly of which are handmade in Nepal as well as in other countries. We offer a wide range of traditional and modern arts. Our crafts range from stone, wood or metal crafts; there are textiles, paintings, jewelry, village made crafts and exclusive handmade traditional works. We want to give our customers complete availability of Nepalese and Tibetan handicrafts. We pride ourselves in presenting the finest work and best service to our international clients.
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Holiday gifts

Good gifts are great gifts
Gifts is, great to give, great to receive, and touch to heart
Everestmart Nepal offers unique gifts for occasions. We offer simple and cost effective to luxurious gifts according to nature and requirement of customer. Buy gift and send yourself to your special or send gift through us to your special.


Everestmart offers various types of pashminas, like Pure Pashmina, Pashmina with Silk, Two tone pashmina etc. We have the high quality pashmina fashion accessories that fit your lifestyle make you feel wonderful and look sensational! Plus, now that the holiday shopping season is here.
Pashmina wool, a type of fine cashmere, is famous for its legendary comfort, warmth and elegance. They are very popular for corporate events and as wedding or bridesmaid gifts.
Pashmina is made by the same way it has done for ancient age. The Himalayan goat’s hair is gathered, these goats lives in high altitudes of mountain i.e. 14000 feet. The pashmina threads are hand woven by handloom over a silk wrap.

Unique Silver Jewelers

We are manufacturers and exporters of outstanding quality silver jewelers at most affordable prices. Our beautiful range includes handcrafted to machine made bracelets, necklaces, rings, pendants, earrings, beads, finding and articles. Our jewelry reflects perfection and excellence in every field including look, quality, design, etc. We offer fancy shapes that can be handcrafted according to your choice and specifications. Our products are manufactured with the help of latest technology. Having struck a fine balance between professionalism and experience, we have introduced the element of quality and novelty in our designs, which has enabled us to have a loyal client base around the globe