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About Us

Everest Mart have started on this journey in the year 2010. Our aim is to bring on your kitchen shelf all the ingredients you need to make a perfect dish. But what separates us from others is the quality of our products and the wide range of items you can have. We understand the delight people take in different cuisines so that there is always surprise for the next day. That is why we specialise in selling Asian, Indian (South Indian & North Indian), Sri Lankan, Oriental, Afro-Caribbean, and Nepalese grocery products.

Moreover, we have made it a point to sell the best products at the most competitive pricing. So, no matter whether you are purchasing products in bulk or in retail, we will make sure not to strain your wallet. With our ethical marketing conduct since 2010, we have been able to see a continual growth in our business. We have been able to achieve this by providing groceries to millions of households either through small markets and off-licenses. But this is not where we are going to stop. Our goal is to make sure that each and every household reaps the benefit of our services for which our team is working continually 24x7.